Highest Quality Italian leather

We use 100%, highest quality Italian leather, which preserves the natural grain from animal hides—usually from cow skin—and is therefore nicknamed “the breathable leather”. Free of complex, chemical-laden processing, our Italian leather is able to maintain its natural, organic look and feel throughout the craftsmanship.

Natural Texture

In addition to maintaining the natural look and feel and being breathable, the natural texture of our leather is also irreplaceable. Surface texture is often lessened or standardized throughout modern manufacturing processes of leather goods. Texture of our leather, on the other hand, due to our natural, handcrafting processing, is unique and genuine, and can look irregular, especially when cattle stomach or neck leather is adopted as original material. And the grains of the texture usually deepen and mellow over time through uses, similar to wrinkles growing more noticeable on human forehead with aging.

Environmental Friendliness

Our leather is all-natural, free from artificial and excessive treatments or processes, and therefore is the most eco-friendly of its kind-. Our goal in COWA is to preserve the natural characteristics of genuine, highest quality leather and manufacture with best craftsmanship while protecting our environment.
The use of vegetable-tanned leather techniques starts by extracting tanning acid from plants. The sapping of the acid by the leather creates chemo-catalysis and changes the colors of the leather. This technique of leather processing by hands repeatedly is called “vegetable tanning”. The most salient advantage of this approach is its capability to maintain the natural texture of leather. Meanwhile, it is completely environmental friendly and ensures highest level of workplace safety.