We are dedicated to using only eco-friendly, vegetable-tanned leather as raw materials to maintain the highest environmental as well as human safety integrity.
    The primary advantages of vegetable-tanned leather are the natural and organic colors and textures it presents. In addition, our leather is strictly “chromium-free” and without any other harmful chemicals. Compared with prevailing chromium–tanned leather, vegetable-tanned leather drastically enhances environmental and human wellbeing.

    Vegetable-tanned leather is dissoluble and breathable, and therefore when it is exposed to high temperature or air with -high PH values over an extended period of time, color fading or change is quite natural. When color fading or change occurs, please do not worry. After being used for a period of time, the leather will start absorbing human body moisture and oil, and in due course will exude a more natural, smooth color. More often than not, through the uses—the touches and interactions between the owner and the leather—each product will assume its own unique, sophisticated and “customized” color.