It was almost 40 years ago when an old craftsman established a modest yet stylish shop was established in an alley of the bustling Tokyo city in Japan. The old craftsman, who had worked in leather manufacturing all his life, took nothing but customized orders and made only exquisite and personalized products. Through delicate artistry and superior service his popularity grew over time.

    Meantime, it took longer and longer to fulfill the increasing demand primarily because it was time consuming to make every unique masterpiece merely by his own hands. Thus, every time the old craftsmen finished a masterpiece, he started to stamp “COWA” in a corner of the product.

    One day, a regular customer wondered and asked: ”What does COWA mean anyway?” Followed by a long silence, the old craftsman said: “These works are like my children and I have never thought of creating a signature or logo for them. I put the stamp on the products so that I can recognize my products after five, ten or even twenty years. And when customers come back for a repair or maintenance, I will be- able to recognize the products instantly. For these unique leather works and all my customers, I hope this small leather ware shop can be an everlasting place like their home where they are always welcome to return or just to visit.”